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Number of businesses that trust ConvertoBot chatbot platform

Serving 12,789 Businesses

Number of conversation bots activated on our chatbot platform

Number of conversations on our chatbot platform

12,836,282 Bot Conversations

Powerful Multi-Channel Bot: Works On Websites, Facebook™ Messenger & WhatsApp™

Conversation bot for lead generation, sales, and bookings

Get More Leads, Bookings & Sales

Users that interact with a bot are more likely to convert.

Chatbot website can outperform any form

Outperform Any Form

Get key information like name, email, and telephone through our chatbot examples


Respond Instantly To Your Visitors 24/7

Get leads, bookings and sales even when your sales staff are alseep. No human involvement is required.

Maximize your ROI with our chatbot platform

Increase ROI By Up To 800%

Case studies show that a bot can significantly increase ROI. In some cases up to 800%.

What ConvertoBot Can Do For You

When a visitor lands on your page (website or Facebook™ Business), ConvertoBot interacts with them through automated chat. Using artificial intelligence, it converts them into a qualified lead or a customer.

It can do this through multiple channels: on your website, on Facebook™ Messenger, or through a WhatsApp™ bot.

Get Started In Minutes With These 3 Simple Steps

Step #1:

Use one of our 100+ chatbot examples (easy to customize in a few clicks).

Or create your own bot with our simple drag-and-drop builder.

Use one of our chatbot website examples

Copy conversation bot website code

Step #2:

Copy the code for a website bot. Or, for social media bots, copy a link.

Step #3:

Paste the code on your website to activate your bot. Or, for social media, add a simple link to your bot.

Watch our step-by-step video in the training area, showing you exactly how easy it is!

How to install your chatbot on your website

ConvertoBot – The Best Chatbot Platform

For Conversational Marketing – Works With:

Seamlessly Integrate ConvertoBot With Your

Marketing Automation Service Or CRM In A Few Clicks

Easily Connect ConvertoBot To 1,500+ Apps Through Zapier

(No Coding Needed)


Our integration with Zapier makes it easy for you to connect ConvertoBot with apps like Slack, Facebook™ Pages, Google Sheets (and 1,500+ others) in a few clicks.

It’s the most intelligent chatbot on the internet!

Connect To Our API For Advanced Integrations

For the more advanced users, we provide full API access. This opens up endless opportunities to realize the full potential of ConvertoBot.

Use ConvertoBot In Any Language

Multiple language chatbot platform

Smart Businesses Understand The Potential

Of Conversational Marketing

conversation bot user

Vinoth Perumal

Touch Logic Technologies

“I setup a conversational landing page and tested it against my current webpage (which has a lead capture form).

In just one week ConvertoBot got me 486 leads and increased my sales by 81%!

It’s the best online Chatbot I’ve come across! It’s basically your own Live Chat Bot working for you 24/7 and replying instantly.”

chatbot platform user

Jessmond Tenio


“ConvertoBot increased our conversion rate by 45% since we started using it on our website. It’s one of the easiest Chatbot Applications I’ve tried.”

Conversation bot user

Chris Davies

Primedia Marketing

“We’re a digital marketing agency using ConvertoBot to build Bots for other websites.
It’s a great additional service to offer and drives fantastic revenue.
We can build a functioning, converting Bot in about 30 minutes and charge £200+ for each one. That works out at £400 an hour!
The sites we build bots for have all seen an uplift in enquiries.

chatbot website user

Marty Bostick

Freelance Marketing Group

“I’ve ended up putting ConvertoBot on just about everywhere I have web properties. I’m bringing in far more leads every day. I’ve tried different chatbot sites and this is one of the top chatbot companies.”

Simple And Competitive Pricing

Get started for free. No credit card required.

3 Months FREE For Annual Plan





Billed Monthly

New to Chatbots? This plan gives you all you need to get started and increase your conversions.

Limited Time Offer

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Billed Monthly

All Starter Plan features + custom design your bots + remove ConvertoBot branding.




Billed Monthly

Includes the entire ConvertoBot Platform and unlimited sub-user accounts. Dedicated customer success with in-depth analysis of your strategy and performance. Monthly webinar training sessions hosted by the founders with Q&A


What Is ConvertoBot?

ConvertoBot is a multi-channel bot platform allowing you to use AI chatbots on websites, Facebook™ Messenger, or WhatsApp™.

It’s built for all ranges of experiences: from the complete newbie to the advanced user.


don’t need any coding skills to get results with ConvertoBot.

It’s the easiest chatbot platform to use and comes with step-by-step video training.

Use one of our chatbot examples, or build your own bot from scratch using our award-winning builder.

You can be up and running in a few minutes getting more leads, sales and bookings.

Can I Use It On Multiple Channels? (Website, Facebook™, WhatsApp™ etc)

Yes you can. Our chatbot development is carefully built to provide you with a platform for as many channels as possible. Whether it’s automated web chat on your website, or a bot for social media messaging apps, we can provide it.

Is It Easy To Use And Is Training Included?

It’s so much easier than any beginner expects.

We built ConvertoBot to be point-and-click simple.

You can launch your first chatbot on your website, Facebook™ Messenger, or WhatsApp™, in three simple steps.

It only takes a few minutes to get started.

We provide “over the shoulder” video tutorials for our Members. They’re an easy watch!

Which Website Builders & E-Commerce Platforms Does This Work With?

It works with HUNDREDS of programs including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Wix and many, many others.

All you need to do is copy and paste a line of code onto the program you use.

Almost any website builder and e-commerce platform will allow you to do this.

Which Email Marketing Services & CRMs Does This Work With?

It’s currently fully integrated with Aweber, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp, Sendlane, Getresponse, Maropost, Convertkit and Active Campaign.

It also works with many other email marketing services and CRMs through an integration with Zapier.

We also have an integration with Webinar Jam that allows you to automate the webinar registration process.

Our bot can easily outperform your webinar landing page as it uses intelligent and interactive conversation to persuade a visitor to sign up.

Do I Get Chatbot Examples (Or Templates)?

Yes! You get instant access to 100+ chatbot examples built and tested by our experts.

They’re valued at $4,997 and cover a wide range of industries.

You can easily customize and edit them.

We add new examples on a regular basis.

You can also request examples for your business needs – we’ll build them!

Contact us to request an example.

How Many Bots Can I Create?

You can created UNLIMITED Chatbots! Use them on as many of your Websites or social media accounts as you want.

Does This Work In Any Language?

Yes, you can create chatbots in any language you like.

We have a simple 1-click setting to enable this feature.

You can choose to automatically translate or manually translate any bot.

Is This An AI Bot That Simulates “Real” Conversation?

Yes, ConvertoBot uses natural language processing (NLP) to develop a language understanding. Our development platform can therefore be used to build advanced bots with artificial intelligence.

Do I Need A Website To Profit From ConvertoBot?

No. You don’t need your own website.

Use our app on social media accounts (Facebook™ business pages or WhatsApp™ business).

You can also use ConvertoBot to build a conversational landing page that’s fully hosted by us (with the option of a custom domain).

If you’re interested in selling bot services, try our Business/Agency plan.

We give you a done-for-you, high quality website complete with a bot portfolio.

Get started with a free account today.

Is My Data Safe?

We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure which has a reputation of being a highly secure cloud computing environment.

We also use 129-but SSL encryption for all data transfer on our platform. We follow strict security protocols in all of our work premises.

In addition, we backup all data on a daily basis.

What Counts As A Conversation?

A conversation occurs when a visitor interacts at least once with your chatbot.

Simply opening (or automatically loading) your chatbot does not count as a conversation.

Also, if your visitor opens your chatbot and then interacts with it multiple times, it only counts as one conversation.

This applies to all the different kinds of chatbots (website, Facebook™ Messenger, or WhatsApp™).

How Can I Get More Conversations?

Simply upgrade your plan or contact us to request a custom number of conversations.

All of our upgrade options offer highly competitive bot service pricing.

Do You Provide API Access?

Yes we do. There are infinite possibilities for the more technically minded users who want to leverage our API.

Contact us to request API access so we can help.

What’s ConvertoBot Used For?

ConvertoBot can dramatically increase your sales, leads or bookings.

You can expect it to easily outperform any lead or booking form.

It achieves this by automatically engaging with your visitors to your website or social media.

Using AI, it intelligently interacts with them and increases their trust in your brand.

That’s what leads to higher engagement and, therefore, more sales.

Other common uses include:

– instantly and automatically provide customer service

– generate more inquiries

– quizzes to generate more leads

– surveys to more intelligently collect feedback

– virtual assistants to improve customer experience on your website, Facebook™ page, or on WhatsApp™

– and much, much more!

Does It Work On Any Device & Do I Need To Download It?

Yes it works on any device. It’s a cloud-based web app, so you don’t need to download anything. We use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure to host your bot.

Simply login to our app, on any device, to use ConvertoBot.

We recommend using a desktop device for a better user experience.

How Do I Get Support?

Our Dedicated Customer Support Team are at your service. They’ll help you with any general, technical or billing queries. Simply submit a ticket here

Which Apps Does ConvertoBot Work With?

Thanks to our Zapier integration, ConvertoBot works with virtually any major app.

You can connect your app in a matter of a few clicks (no tech skills are needed).

Seamlessly pass you data from ConvertoBot to your other apps.

Will I Get Free Software Updates?

YES. We automatically update our software with the latest features. These are free for our Members.

Can I Create My Own Bots?

Yes. Use our drag-and-drop builder to create your own bots without needing any coding skills.

It’s point-and-click simple, and designed for a complete beginner.

Can I Sell Your Chatbot Examples Or My Own Bots?

Yes you can. All of our plans include a commercial license.

You can sell our chatbot examples, or bots you create through our builder.

We recommend upgrading to the Business/Agency plan to get the best possible assets for selling chatbots as a service.

With the Business/Agency plan, you get unlimited sub-user accounts.

You’re also able to white label our app.

Assign individual accounts to clients and give them login access.

Or assign accounts to your team members.

Get started with a free account today to see how it works.

Can I Remove The ConvertoBot Branding And Add My Custom Branding?

Yes you can with the Professional and Business/Agency plans.

They are both competitively priced.

Get started with a free account today.

How Does The Free Trial Work?

You get a FREE 14 day trial. After that if you wish to continue using ConvertoBot, you can upgrade to a plan which suits you, in the app.

Your purchase will be guaranteed for 30 days. No questions asked. You can also cancel at any time.

You will struggle to find more competitive bot service pricing!

Will I Be Charged If I Exceed My Quota Of Conversations?

No. When you reach your conversation limit, we do not charge for overage. Your chatbots become inactive until you upgrade.

If you need a custom conversations plan, contact us here.

You will struggle to find more competitive pricing!

Start Getting More Leads, Sales & Bookings Today!

Serving 12,789 Businesses 12,836,282 Bot Conversations Powerful Multi-Channel Bot: Works On Websites, Facebook™ Messenger & WhatsApp™ Get More Leads, Bookings & Sales Users that interact with a bot are more likely to convert. Outperform Any Form Get key information like name, email, and telephone through our chatbot examples Respond Instantly To Your Visitors 24/7 Get