Mark Acutt’s ShareASale Bootstrap Method

Do You Want ‘EVERGREEN‘ Campaigns That Can Run For Years?

Would You Like To ‘SEE’ Exactly How To Do This Step-By-Step?

Are You Ready To Promote ‘REAL‘ Quality Products?

Are you tired of playing with fly-by-night products that are here today but gone tomorrow?

Have you ever considered it’s the products you’re promoting?

The thing is; online marketing works!

We see people making a killing online every day. You can see it in things like Gravity and EPC’s.

Products sell, you just gotta know which products and ‘how to’ promote them.

Take a look at some recent earnings (at time of writing) for a day’s traffic of a single merchant/vendor below (I’ll show you more later)…

ShareASale Earnings

As you can see the CONVERSION rate and the EPC’s are CRAZY! 

Once you get the bidding right, you’ll see some AMAZING returns!!

Google Ads Spend

This Google Ads account is in (£’s) Pound Sterling, so that’s roughly $60 cost at the current exchange rate.

For that single merchant that’s about $475 NET profit for a single day’s work (on-autopilot, so not really ‘work’).

I’m sure you’ve heard of networks like ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, Commission Juction (or now kown as CJ), FlexOffers, Maxbounty (CPA Network) and many others…

But what about ShareASale (SAS)?

ShareASale is one of the OLDEST affiliate networks.

They’ve been going since 2000.

What makes ShareASale different is that they primarily focus on REAL physical products.

Products that people want. They’re searching for. Already interested in.

Keep that in mind – that’s one of the most important takeaways from reading this.

They also offer some of the best commissions on premium products for both end consumers and businesses.

Here’s a quick look inside at A FEW of those top converting offers:

Did you see those EPC’s (earnings per 100 clicks)?

Now we’re talking some SERIOUS earnings!

Remember; these are real products – products that aren’t ALL about:





I think you get the idea…

The main problem with these are:

  • They are often one-hit-wonders (sales eventually dry up and the sites disappear)

  • They don’t actually give you an honest to goodness legit system to make money online.

  • Many ‘promises’ are scrupulous at BEST. They just don’t work.

Promote “QUALITY” Evergreen Products

Evergreen means that the product will have everlasting appeal. Products that are considered evergreen are things that people inherently need or desire.

ShareAsale have prodcuts like home gyms & exercise equipment, red-light therapy/treament, dental treatments and tons more from real businesses that have a prescence both online and offline.

So why aren’t there more ShareASale affiliates and why isn’t there MORE talk about them?

Because it’s harder to get approval and run offers than other affiliate networks.

Yup, that’s the truth and pretty much the top and bottom of it. Plus the peeps killing it on SAS don’t really want you to know.

But is that really such a



Who ever said making money online was easy (apart from the spammy emails in your inbox)?

By weeding out the scammy marketers they’re gaining a better ‘QUALITY‘ of affiliate.

That’s YOU! (or going to be) 😉

They don’t want every Tom, Dick & Harry joining their network, setting up things like mass mailings and sending low-quality traffic to affiliate offers skewing results and upsetting their merchants.

To be honest, I wouldn’t either!

So apart from the initial hurdle of getting accepted and approved for products – the world is your oyster as there is:

  • LESS COMPETITION: MUCH LESS! Sometimes there isn’t any!

  • CHEAPER CPC’s: Cost Per Clicks on the Ad Networks (Google Ads) are cheaper due to less competition.

  • LESS REFUNDS: Refunds are much lower (if any) because they’re quality products.

  • HIGH PAYOUTS: ShareASale have some of the best payouts per sale.

PLUS – You get to sleep better at night knowing that you’re promoting decent products!

This Is Why I’ve Created The ‘SAS Bootstrap Method’

I’m going to SHOW you exactly how to do it yourself!


NO BS. NO Upsells. NO ‘pay me more money to reveal the ‘hidden secret’.

In fact, here’s the COMPLETE system you’re going to learn about. 

Each section (aka Chapter) is shown and discussed in detail with many having VIDEO snippets taken from within my ShareASale & Google Ads accounts to help you understand.

ShareASale Affiliate System


The SAS Bootstrap Method is over


pages long!!

  • I’m going show you ‘how to join’ ShareASale (the right way to get an affiliate account).

  • You’ll see how to find the BEST CONVERTING OFFERS!! These are your golden nuggets. Every metric is explained, what to look for and what to avoid! Exactly like I do it.

  • I’m going to show you ‘how to get approved’ with merchants/vendors to promote their ‘products’

  • I give you application scripts and methods ‘how to get approved’ by even some of the toughest merchants.

  • You will learn how to do proper KEYWORD RESEARCH even if you don’t have a Google Ads account.

  • You’ll see what webhosting I recommend to get you started ‘QUICK’ and template sites I recommend to help you get up and running.

  • You will learn ‘how to’ create/have a PROPER website that is Google compliant and will pass ANY automatic and manual checks.

  • Tracking is covered in DETAIL and made as simple as possbile so you can find what’s leading to sales and what’s not (even reported in Google Ads). This is a MUCH overlooked step with ShareASale affiliates.

  • My Google PPC (Pay Per Click) methods are covered in deatil and I SHOW you how to setup a campaign, ads, keywords and assets properly. How to BID and make adjustments.

  • You get to learn how to utilize heatmap and video recording services (FREE) to see how your visitors are interacting with your site and ‘what to do about it’.

  • I discuss ‘how to add an optin’ and how to go about using that optin to help convert your leads. Also, ‘how to set it up’ and what tools to use.

What Does This Mean For YOU?

  • You will see how to select the MOST PROFITABLE merchants (with all explanations of ALL the stats).

  • How to research Keywords and what tools to use (even if you don’t have a Google Ads account yet). What keywords to look out for and ‘buyer intent’ keywords.

  • What type of domain and website you should have and how to create the layout (also places where you can buy these already made for cheap).

  • How to create a review or comparison pages to advertise your product/s – also the ‘tools’ you should use to make it easier (there are only a handful of tools I use and show you – you don’t need anything ‘special’).

*IMPORTANT: How to set up TRACKING! Yes, this is worth this guide alone – NOBODY shows ‘how to’ to set up keyword tracking and why it’s so important!

Most only tell you to bid on keywords and send traffic to your landing page and ‘hopefully’ those visitors will convert into buyers.

Well, that’s all fine and dandy and you can actually make money with certain products doing this, but it’s not ‘optimal’.

Say you spend $100 per day on ads and you make say $200.

That’s pretty good – right?

You’re doubling your money!

But let’s say you now KNOW what keywords are generating those sales…

So you scrap the non-performing keywords and keep the few keywords that ARE generating sales (you could even raise their bids a bit more to get more of the ‘ad share’).

Suddenly you’re spending $30 to make $200.

How does that sound?

Much better I think!

Well, in the SAS Bootstrap Method I dedicate an entire chapter to this.

But don’t stress, I’ve tried to make it as easy/simple as possible!

Once it’s set up; every time you make a sale using Google Ads for traffic and ShareASale you’ll get the ‘conversion reporting’ straight back into your Google Ads account so you can see exactly what’s made that sale.

Google can also optimize the campaign based on your conversions and show your ads to the most likely audience to convert (this is an incredible advantage!).

I also SHOW you step-by-step ‘how to setup’ every other important element needed for a successful campaign.

One of them being setting up your Google Ads account and ADS correctly.

Plus I discuss all the additional features like assets.

You can use these to IMPROVE your CTR and also lower your ad spend (accompanied by video snippets to help you ‘see’ how to do it).

You’ll also find out when and where to use these assests and how to decide what to keep and what to bin.

You’ll see how to check/show your Quality Score (QS) and how to improve it. What Google are ‘looking for’ when it comes to your keywords, ads and landing page.

What hidden columns of information are important when reviewing your ad stats and how to show them.

Pretty good so far huh?

Even if you don’t use ShareASale the information in here is GOLD as it can be applied to ANY ad network!

Heatmap & Video Recordings

You’ll get to see how to set up heatmaps and visitor video recordings for FREE. Yes, a free plan is suffcient when you’re starting out.

Along with how I make ‘decisions’ on how to optimize the landing page based on what I find.

I show you how to set this up and how to get the best information out of the recorded visitors/heatmaps.

These sections alone are 62 pages of content and video! 

Which brings me to the REAL meat…

My Reputation Is Important To Me…

Anyone that knows me and my previous products they’ll know I ONLY produce quality.

I haven’t actually released a product in over 10 years!

The SAS Bootstrap Method has actually taken me over a year to complete for 3 reasons:

  • I had 6 holidays/vacations abroad last year (excluding local).

  • Been busy with my other projects/marketing.

  • I wanted to produce the BEST training anyone has seen!

Which brings me on to what REALLY makes The SAS Bootstrap Method DIFFERENT from any other affiliate training…

Ok, it’s not live as it’s done already – but I did it LIVE whilst creating the training and show ALL results.

As you may have already noticed above I ran a Google Ads campaign and promoted a product as a ‘test’ to see if it would make any sales.

It’s not even a product I would usually run myself as it didn’t have a high enough commission payout.

Honestly; I didn’t even expect it to make any money.

But it did! 

It made a good POSITIVE RETURN and if I wanted to contiune promoting it I could easily double/triple my money.

Thing is; I only ran it to SHOW YOU how to run a campaign from start to finish – with everything I teach in the SAS Bootstrap Method implemented.

Be WARNED! – This is a MASSIVE section!!

This case study breaks everything down on how I set up the site, the landing page, the heatmaps and visitor recordings, the tracking, the Quality Scores and PPC Bids, all ads and associated assets, ‘who’ my audience are and optimization of every aspect!

Plus there’s tons more in the SAS Bootstrap Method!

Remember; it’s just over 270 pages in total!!

Don’t worry, I’ve broken the chapters down into individual PDF’s as you’ve already seen above so you can easily access the section you need (plus I’ve also included the full PDF as one guide).

But don’t forget, there’s VIDEOS too. They’re silent as I don’t do talking on videos but they are there to aid what is explained (usually only a couple minutes long to avoid losing attention).

Above is a snippet of a video taken from within the SAS Bootstrap method demontrating the TOP 100 products within ShareASale and what to ‘look for’.

There are loads of these videos scattered throughout to help you understand what’s taught.

But It DOES Have One Thing Missing…

There’s NO OPTIN or Email Marketing in the case study.

Although I DO show you ‘how to set up’ email marketing along with TOOLS and the sytems I use – I don’t do it in The Case Study.

All results are WITHOUT an optin (even every screen capture shown here of my own earnings are without an optin).

The results are all just traffic and conversions (nothing special).

Ok, I will admit – I am a little lazy…

Email Marketing is always the LAST thing I do as it’s time consuming to do it right.

I’m more interested and excited about the thrill of the hunt!

I’m a firm believer in: READY, FIRE, AIM.
This means; get it built, get traffic to it – then tweak/improve it.

You don’t ‘have to’ implement email marketing to make this system work. That doesn’t mean it won’t help as it usually DOES.

It’s just very detailed to teach properly and thereore not in the scope of this guide (I will be releasing a NEW Email Marketing guide at some point).

I know it’s tough for many getting started. 

It’s hard with all the ‘noise’ out there and people have limited budgets.

So I’ve kept what you need down to a minimum (tools etc).

Most of it you can get away with using free tools and WordPress. 

You will need to spend money on PPC Ads and possibly the Keyword Tracking tool (but it’s worth it and will pay for itself – but it’s also not required, that’s up to you).

I also don’t ask you to spend crazy amounts of money when starting. 

I give you tips to find coupons for Google Ads and also advise to start with a very low budget so you don’t get burned!

To learn from your stats and make improvements from there and slowly increase ad budget.

I’m on your side – I’m a real person that’s been doing this full time online since 2007 so I know what’s what and only give you honest advice.

I used to do a LOT of SEO back in the day.

When it was much easier!

There’s just too many obsticles in your way now to get a decent amount of traffic.

I’m not saying you won’t but:

  • You have thousands of others competing for the same space.

  • It can literally take months before you get traffic (if you do).

  • The costs and time involved doing it – ask yourself; is it worth your time?

  • Google Algorithm changes – I literally got fed up with these!

Do you really want to work for months on something that may never make a sale?

Me neither – and that’s why everything NEW I do online is via PPC.

Can You Afford


To Get The SAS Bootrap Method?

Well, this is the million dollar question…

This guide has taken me over a year to release! I started it late 2022 and only finshed it in January 2024.

All this time I’ve been successfully running offers on ShareASale.

This is why my IM lists don’t hear much from me. Because what I’m doing works and I don’t have to promote useless offers.

To be honest with you; once you learn what I show you in the ShareASale Bootstrap Method, there’s no reason why you won’t be successful online.

It’s all legit and above board and you won’t get banned from Google (I show you how to make a decent site to avoid this).

As promised earlier, here’s some more examples of some of my earnings:

The one BELOW is AFTER Christmas!

Who says everyone is spent up? 

Keep in mind; these earnings are for single merchant. I promote other merchants too (as well as make use of other affiliate networks).

ALL my sites have been manually reviewed by Google and passed (they often call me to try get me to ‘waste’ my money).

Yes, Google want you to activate things like Performance Max (aka: Smart Campaigns) that will just eat through your budget in hours! 

So watch out!!

I show you how to setup your campaign to avoid this 😉

Do You Want ‘EVERGREEN’ Campaigns That Can Run For Years? Would You Like To ‘SEE’ Exactly How To Do This Step-By-Step? Are You Ready To Promote ‘REAL’ Quality Products? Are you tired of playing with fly-by-night products that are here today but gone tomorrow? Have you ever considered it’s the products you’re promoting? The thing