ATTENTION: All men and women who want flat and chiseled fighter’s abs without ever stepping into the ring

Did you know that performing high rep ab workouts, over time, can make you store fat around your belly?

Did you also know that it can increase your chances of lower back pain?

It may sound hard to believe, but the most efficient way to train your abs is by doing LESS.

ONLY If you are performing the correct exercises in the proper sequence.

Have you ever wondered how fighters have such nice abs and look so ripped?

I’ll tell you right now… if you’re going to be punched and kicked repeatedly to your midsection, you better believe, you’re going to train your abs differently than everyone else.

From: Andrew Raposo, CPT

North American Muay Thai Champion

Muay Thai and Boxing Coach

Fitness and Strength Coach

I know that feeling of you really wanting six-pack abs and just “dreaming” of how nice it would be to have a nice pair of ripped abs.

When I started to watch boxing many years ago, I was at an awe at the amazing mid section that these fighters had.

Wouldn’t you agree that having abs like those fighters will help boost your confidence and you would be comfortable taking off your shirt? That’s how I felt.

I would literally do 300+ sit-ups a day. At one point I was doing 1000+ sit-ups and crunches. I am not exaggerating.

I know how it feels to go months into doing sit up’s, crunches and not even get close to having the abs that you really want.

So you go looking at programs online that give you all these variations of crunches, bicycles, etc. Yet you still don’t get the results you want. It becomes an obsession.

Like you, I felt hopeless and I was very close to giving up. I even started to get low back pain from all the sit-ups and crunches. I knew there would need to be a better way of getting abs.

I realized if I wanted abs like a fighter, it was time to train like one. So I eventually got into a boxing gym and applied myself to the training.

When I got into boxing, I was still struggling to get my abs to show. A lot of people were just doing the same crunches and ab bicycle stuff. I wasn’t getting anywhere.

So I started to observe the fighters and what they were doing for their abdominal training.

I Performed Just a Small Amount Of The Exercises

Shown In This Program And Started To See Results

Within weeks, my abs started to show and my core was a lot stronger. The core exercises that I was doing, actually had a carry over effect to my fight performance. I can’t believe I never thought of this sooner… If I wanted to look like an athlete, I needed to train like one and research shows that fighters are the most fit athletes in sport today.

Before all this, I was just like YOU. Being ashamed of my image. Watching other people get compliments and recognition for having a nice set of abs.

I didn’t like looking in the mirror and had huge self-esteem issues.

People I didn’t even know started to give me compliments when I would go to the beach. Now I LOVE going to the beach!

And now YOU can get compliments every time you take off your shirt.

Just IMAGINE what it would feel like going to the beach being proud of the way you look and getting compliments left and right.

Or just looking in the mirror with a big smile on your face saying, “I did it”

Over the many years of competing and training a wide variety of clientele, I have created a 3 PHASE FORMULA that I am going to present to you so that YOU get abs just like a fighter.

And guess what… You don’t have to be a fighter to get abs like a fighter.

I became one of the busiest trainers in Toronto because of the results I was getting my clients. I had to turn down people who wanted to work with me because I was completely full with clients.

On top of that, I was charging $150 an hour. Now I am revealing it all to you for a fraction of that.

  • You don’t even need a gym membership! Or any other type of equipment!
  • You can literally get ripped abs like a fighter in your own living room.
  • The best part is, you can get these workouts done in less than 15 minutes!

Let me rephrase that…

You can get Ripped Abs like a fighter under 15 minutes!

I know it sounds a little unbelievable but make sure you read my 3 Phase Formula below where I reveal the process behind this PROVEN system.

Before I tell you about the PROVEN system that has changed the outlook of abdominal training for many people around the world, I am going to reveal the 4 most common barriers you are facing that are stopping you from getting the ripped six-pack abs that you deserve.

You’re Still Doing Crunches And Sit-Ups

It really saddens me to see people perform all these crunch variations. I cringe every time I see this.

I thought by now people would finally catch on, but it is still a very common thing I see in the gym every day.

Unfortunately you aren’t really getting anywhere with those sit-ups.

What you are doing though, is wasting your time and preparing your low back to be injured.

There are countless studies done on crunches and sit-ups causing low back pain.

The famous Dr. Stuart McGill who is a Professor of Spine Biomechanics at the University of Waterloo states:

“The constant flexion of the spine initiates damage in the intervertebral disc. Whether it’s looking down at their cell phones or slumped over a computer all day, people are constantly flexing their spine.”

Then doing sit-ups and crunches on top of all the sitting that people are doing doesn’t help the spine.

It’s not worth the risk of hurting your low back.

I remember when I was doing all those sit-ups. My low back started to get worse and worse.

Another big reason why sit-ups suck is that it doesn’t do anything for your belly fat.

You will not get ripped abs if you still have belly fat.

Research shows that it takes 22,000 crunches to burn 1 pound of fat. First of all, who has time for that and second imagine how your low back would feel after all those crunches.

With all this new research out, top fighters no longer do sit-ups and crunches. Fighters need a strong armored mid section to withstand punches and kicks to the body. Sit-ups and crunches are the worst way to go.

There are much better ways to build this armor that develops tremendous core strength, avoids injury, and gets ripped abs in the fastest time frame possible!

And that is what I am going to show you. The most efficient and effective way to get ripped abs like fighters do.

P.S. – If you’re a fighter and you are still doing crunches and sit ups, then YOU HAVE TO get on this program to take your performance to the next level.

It’s Not All Made In The Kitchen

Now I know what you’re thinking… “Wait what? Aren’t abs made in the kitchen?”


Abs are not JUST made in the kitchen.

Without proper abdominal training, you will not get RIPPED abs like a fighter.

You can easily be at a low body fat percentage and still not be able to see your abs.

Your abdominals are just like any other muscle in your body. They NEED to be trained.

If all you do is focus on your diet and just cut your calories with out even training, you will have absolutely no muscle tone and just look skinny. Trust me, I’ve been there.

I deprived myself from not eating foods that I enjoyed because I was too self conscious about my image. Unfortunately it did me more harm than good. My metabolism was destroyed and my body only wanted to store fat.

The secret to eating the foods you enjoy and get six-pack abs that you’ll enjoy even more, is to perform high demanding metabolic workouts so that you burn calories throughout the day and even while you sleep.

Pair that with core specific exercises and you will specifically target belly fat while sculpting ripped six-pack abs.

If you’re tired of being deprived of the foods you love and you aren’t seeing any results in your midsection, then keep reading and you will find the SOLUTION you have been longing for.

Useless Long Boring Cardio Training

If you’re still running on a treadmill or riding a bike hoping that you get a ripped six-pack, you definitely have a long way to go.

Do you ever see fighters go on an elliptical?

Not a chance.

You’re heart may be in the right place when you jump on that piece of cardio equipment, but unfortunately it won’t get you the results you’ve been looking for.

The goal should be to burn calories AFTER your workout and not just during. I am going to be revealing proven methods that will have you burning calories while you eat and sleep. 

Step away from the cardio machines. As a matter of fact, just cancel your gym membership.

I am about to show you a very unique approach to getting Six-Pack Abs.

Blaming Genetics

Unfortunately this is a pretty big reason why people don’t get the abs they want. They make excuses and just give up.

The most common excuse is “I just don’t have the genetics to get abs”

And you don’t need to be a world-class athlete to get it.

YOU are capable of doing this! I doubted myself when I first started as well. But I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

Once I learned the proper way to really train my abdominals and get the six-pack I wanted, I became doubtless.

Now I get to share it with you.

YOU can have the six-pack abs you have always wanted. Believe in yourself and just follow what I am about to show you.

Follow it to the exact letter and I guarantee you will get ripped abs like the fighters you see on TV.

These 4 barriers are STOPPING you from getting the mid section you have been longing for. It’s time to make a change.

In this training system we will be focusing on exercises that burn belly fat and train your abdominals at the same time!

Not only will you feel your abs work, you will also feel other muscles in your body work as well.

We will be pairing total body exercises with isolated core exercises in a circuit fashion to effectively and efficiently provide optimal results.

This is by far the best solution that fighters use to get ripped abs.

I would also like to emphasize that there is not a one size fits all type of routine.

That is why I came up with my 3 Phase Formula.

The training system is split up into 3 phases to make sure optimal progression is being considered.

Unfortunately many programs out there don’t consider any type of periodization. Which means you will plateau quickly.

A lot of programs out there just slap on a couple of workouts and say “here you go”. Hoping that you get results.

This Is Not That! When You Follow The Breakthrough 3 Phase Formula You Get GUARANTEED RESULTS

You will never plateau and will always be progressing!

With that said, let’s get to it.


The Foundation Phase

In this phase, we are going to revamp your metabolism and turn it into a fat burning machine. Right off the bat, you are going to be burning calories throughout the day and even while you sleep. The workouts in this phase will prepare your body for what’s to come. We will be focusing on full body exercises that give you the most “bang for your buck” in burning calories and melting off belly fat.


Fighter Core Strength Phase

This is where you’re going to start to see those abs. Your core strength will be through the rough. The circuits get more intense and your abs are going to start to burn. The movements start to get more intense, making sure you progress appropriately. More advanced abdominal exercises will also be introduced to target your midsection, making sure we are targeting any fat around the stomach and getting your abs to appear.


Final Competition Prep

In the final phase we will be targeting the lower belly fat and get those lower abs to appear. I know you want abs but I want to get you a FULL SIX PACK. That’s why we are going to make sure you see nothing but abs and a flat midsection when you look at your stomach. I will also be introducing higher intense conditioning to shred off that last inch or two of body fat. After this phase your abs will be ripped like a fighter about to enter the ring.

Each phase will last 2 weeks each. Once the program is completed, THE RESULTS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

These are some of the benefits you will reap from the PROVEN 3 Phase Formula:

  • Have confidence when you take off your shirt
  • Get ripped abs like the fighters you see
  • Join the very few people who have great abs
  • Finally have the confidence you always wanted
  • Feel comfortable going to the beach
  • Make heads turn when going to the beach
  • Have greater energy levels throughout the day
  • Impress your friends with your new six pack
  • Save money on a gym membership and on a trainer
  • Become less likely to suffer from back pain
  • Improve your posture
  • Have a higher sex appeal
  • Attract attention of the opposite sex

Just imagine enjoying all these benefits without even needing a gym membership or buying one piece of equipment!

This Is An Amazing Opportunity!

I am so excited to share the solution with you. I have helped many people with these PROVEN methods and I want YOU to be apart of my success stories.

“Andrew completely changed my outlook on how I should train my abs”

This program opened my eyes to real ab training. Before I met Andrew, I was doing countless reps of crunches to get my abs but when I started this program, I started to see a huge difference in a short time. It was unbelievable how fast I saw results. I also got my striking to a whole new level. My power is stronger than ever. Andrew completely changed my outlook on how I should train my abs. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants nice looking abs in the shortest amount of time.

Michael Durst

Muay Thai Champion

“Within six weeks of doing the workouts that Andrew provided, I achieved my measurement goals and a long-time dream of becoming injury-free”

Andrew has proven to be THE MAN for achieving my fitness goals. As a model, I have very specific measurement requirements (hips half an inch too big and I’m out of the modeling industry). My previous trainers either played the game of kill-my-client-as-quickly-as-possible, which only damaged my physical and psychological state, or were too light throughout the workout. Both cases failed to get me the results I need. Within six weeks of doing the workouts that Andrew provided, I achieved my measurement goals and a long-time dream of becoming injury-free. I have never felt so strong. After living with scoliosis and playing competitive tennis since childhood, I had a number of injuries to deal with. The most notable was my lower back and shoulder (from all those serves), which caused me to quit tennis two years ago. These exercises strengthened my back and cleared all the physical discomfort I had been living with. I am now confident to step back on the tennis court, strut down international runways, and do ordinary day-to-day activities like carrying heavy groceries that I used to avoid.The training sessions are rigorous, but tailored to my abilities. The stronger I get, the harder the sessions. This only adds to the fun of overcoming challenges. The sets of exercises vary from session to session and keep things exciting. The program is a ton of fun! I should add that if you’re looking to get a flat stomach with abs, look no further. Andrew is the man to get you those results.

Kate Karpenko

Professional Model

“My abs look better now than they have in my entire life”

I will be the first one to admit that I hate cardio. The exercises in this program deliver extraordinary results. I have never seen anything like it. I am never bored with any of the workouts and I don’t have to worry about doing stupid cardio. My abs look better now than they have in my entire life. I now incorporate many of the exercises into my classes and my clients love it! Andrew did a fantastic job with this program.

Victoria Bannaster

Group Exercise Instructor

“Andrew has done a great job in making the process of getting abs exciting with the unique workouts presented in this program”

Andrew killed it with this program. This is definitely a game changer. I couldn’t believe the results I was getting from this type of training. The workouts are challenging but fun. I now use the workouts in this program as a part of my training. They are practical to my sport and it’s my go to in getting me in fight ready shape. Plus having chiseled abs is always nice and Andrew has done a great job in making the process of getting abs exciting with the unique workouts presented in this program.

Mike Zhang

Kickboxing Champion

“I never thought I would see myself with the midsection I now have today or more importantly sit up straight at my desk”

My fitness goals are to have a slim waist, increase core strength, increase muscle and endurance, and improve my posture! Andrew has done more for these goals and my general well being over the past six months than previous trainers (gifted as they may have been) have done in a matter of years. He has a great sense of an individual’s limitations and potential and has the ability to utilize both to achieve optimal results. Andrew is excellent at providing a full body workout, utilizing the core in a way that I have never seen before while explaining the benefits of each exercise and demonstrating the correct form. Andrew provides innovative workouts to ensure that I never get complacent and continue my progression. As it relates to my personal goals, I never thought I would see myself with the midsection I now have today or more importantly sit up straight at my desk!

Nicole Schaffer

Financial Advisor

“I’ve never seen bodyweight workouts like this before that can work your abs”

I never knew you could work your abs or even your body like this without one piece of equipment until Andrew showed me this program. I can literally do this stuff anywhere. I got amazing results from following Andrew’s program. I’ve never been this shredded in my whole life and I finally got the abs that I’ve wanted for so long. I’m not the only one getting results from this. I use a lot of these exercises with my clients and they love me for it. If you’re looking for the best bodyweight workouts for that midsection then this is a must have. I’ve never seen bodyweight workouts like this before that can work your abs. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get shredded for the beach season.

Kevin Rabaja

Personal Trainer

“I literally feel my abs work more than anything I have ever done before. I don’t even have to spend much time on ab training or even do as many reps”

I was skeptical about this stuff. I didn’t want to go outside of my own routine. As a fitness model, I had my set program that I used when preparing for a show. I had Andrew show me some exercises for abs and it literally blew my mind. I never felt my abs work as hard as they did. It was nothing that I have ever seen before and I have been in the fitness industry for a very long time. After that, I got on the fighter abs program and I am very surprised on how fast it works. When I am shredding of those last couple percentages of body fat, I use these workouts as my go to. The workouts are short, time efficient and get me working hard. Plus the ab exercises are the most unbelievable part. I literally feel my abs work more than anything I have ever done before. I don’t even have to spend much time on ab training or even do as many reps. This program is absolutely recommended by me. Andrew is changing the fitness industry with this stuff. I would definitely take advantage of this program in a heartbeat.

Sam Shimi

Fitness Model

20+ Done For You Workout Videos

($147 Value)

You get detailed coaching videos making sure you perform the workouts correctly with great exercise demonstrations. It’s like having me in your home training you. These workouts can be done anywhere and any time. Every exercise is done with NO EQUIPMENT.You also get the follow along Fighter Ab Training Workout Videos. These videos focus entirely on the core and abdominal development. These videos are guaranteed to get your abs shredded and increase sports performance through PROVEN core training methods.

6 Week Done For You Workout Plan ($47 Value)

Here is the simple 6 Week Plan using the 3 Phase Formula that will get your abs ripped to shreds. Every workout is strategically placed in order to progress appropriately and get the best possible results. Every exercise of every workout is included. All you have to do is follow and enjoy the results.

The Complete Fighter Abs Manual ($97 Value)

On top of the videos, I am also providing a complete done for you workout guide. This is a 70+ page manual that will lay out every exercise in the program and I also go into how you can incorporate this program into your own workout program. This manual will provide you with the essential tools to get the fat burning results you desire.

BONUS #1 Get Mobility Like a Fighter

($47 Value) 

This is a done for you, follow along warm up routine. It includes THE BEST mobility drills fighters use to prime themselves for the workout ahead. If you ever seen a fighter throw a head kick then you know that fighters require a good amount of flexibility. I will be giving you follow along mobility drills that get fighters the range of motion that they have. This will help increase your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury before working out. Making sure you get ripped abs safely and efficiently.

BONUS #2 Supplement Guide ($27 Value)

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of B.S out there about supplements. In this guide, I will outline the best supplements that fighters use to properly recover from their training and get the most out of your workouts.You can be getting scammed right now by supplement companies and not even know it. Make sure you read this No B.S Approach to supplements.

It Doesn’t Get Any More “Done-For-You” Than That

That is a $462 Value program and I am GIVING it away for only $65 $27 $15

That is $50 off the original price. IT IS LITERALLY JUST A COUPLE CENTS A DAY FOR A MONTH

I don’t know about you but having a ripped six-pack for a couple cents a day sounds pretty sweet to me.

On top of that, you get instant access right now! Just click “Buy Now!” below to receive your special discount price.

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Why Is It Only $15?

My goal with this program is to have as many success stories as possible. That is why I am making it affordable to EVERYONE.

I am really passionate about helping you achieve this goal. If you were anything like me when I first started, then I know how frustrating those efforts can be.

I am willing to give this to you at such a low price just so you can have this SOLUTION. I also want you to join the many success stories from this PROVEN program.

I am so confident in this product that I am offering a 60-day money back guarantee. The risk is all on me.

If you are not satisfied with this program I will give you a FULL refund.

Read my FULL refund guarantee…

The K.O. Guarantee

This is the BEST program out there for getting RIPPED ABS in the fastest way you ever thought possible. There are exercises in the program that you have never before seen.


I wouldn’t be saying this if I weren’t able to back it up. That’s why I am giving a 60-day money back guarantee. I guarantee RESULTS!

You don’t even have to decide now. Decide when you get the product and if you don’t like anything about it just send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and you will get a FULL refund with no questions asked.

If I didn’t satisfy you or blow away your mind with this product then I will feel like I made you a disservice and I ENCOURAGE you to ask for your money back.

I know what it feels like to buy a workout program and just feel disappointed at what I just purchased.

If you feel anything like that, I encourage you to ask for your money back! No Hassles whatsoever!


I’m telling you, there is no other program like it!

These are PROVEN exercises to effectively work your abdominals and provide the best bang for your buck.

Fighters are known for having the best mid section of any other sport. Today I am going to show you those secrets and so much more.

I am now revealing the secrets that get fighters those abs.

It really is a no brainer. Would you rather pay $50+ a month for a gym membership instead of having a one-time payment of $15?

On top of that, you would need to hire a trainer for at least $70+ a session to get the type of guidance I am offering you. ON TOP OF THAT, you are getting guidance from a North American Muay Thai Champion and a Two Time Provincial Gold Medalist in Boxing.

PLUS, you don’t even need one piece of equipment. With a $15 investment, you can get ripped abs like the fighters you see on TV.

The only thing is… This price will definitely not be available for long. I will be bringing the price back up after the next 100 sales.




Regular Price $65 $27 Now Only $15

No Shipping costs which SAVES YOU MONEY

All Materials are Digital and sent to you instantly in PDF and MP4 Format. The files can be accessed from any computer. That means you can get started TODAY!

To your success,

– Andrew Raposo

P.S – If you don’t take action now, you will never get the satisfaction you deserve. Be proud about taking off your shirt. Stop procrastinating and leaving it off for tomorrow. Make today the day you take the first step towards your goals.

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Regular Price $65 $27 Now Only $15

Q. Will this program work if I’m in my 40’s and 50’s?

A. Yes, the beautiful part about this program is that there are different levels of intensity to suit your individual needs. You will also be progressed accordingly.

Q. Does this program work for women too?

A. YES! I have many female testimonials that found AMAZING results on this program. I encourage woman to do this program. It is always inspiring to see the ladies out do the men.

Q. I am an athlete that just wants a stronger core for my sport. Does this program work for me?

A. YES! If you’re an athlete, you would be CRAZY not to take this program. These are by far the best core-training exercises ever done with just your own body weight. I have a specific core training section that will benefit athletes and fighters.

Q. What if I already have a workout program?

A. That is completely fine. In this program, I go over how these workouts can complement your program and which workouts are ideal for you to follow.

Q. I am a female and a lot of fighters look buffed. Would this program make me bulky?

A. Absolutely not! First of all, due to genetics and hormones, you won’t be able to pack on muscle like a male. On top of that, this program will help you to tone up and reveal your abs. Giving you that sexy model look.

Regular Price $65 $27 Now Only $15

No Shipping costs which SAVES YOU MONEY

All Materials are Digital and sent to you instantly on PDF and MP4 Format. The files can be accessed from any computer. That means you can get started TODAY!

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