The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration

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10389542_1419898658323033_8120404299497666277_n-150x150From the E-desk of

Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to introduce you to the newest artist of Zero Limits Music.

He is one of my oldest friends, We have shared the stage and have recorded together for over a decade. He lives in the house directly behind me (in fact we even installed a gate years ago so that we could easily bring our guitars over for morning and evening impromptu jam sessions).

So with out further ado…

I introduce you to my friend, my colleague and fellow spiritual seeker… Steven Vee!

When Steven first told me about his plan to embark on a 5 day trek from the South rim to the North rim of the Grand Canyon, we both knew that it was going to be a life-changing experience, after all, he had been training for over six months just to be able to physically make the hike.

Although most people would probably think you are crazy to carry a guitar in your pack when your supplies were limited, Steven and I both agreed as musicians that he should be prepared for inspiration. After all, the canyon walls hold data from before the birth of mankind. This was going to be one of the ultimate opportunities to practice ho’oponopono cleaning.

When he returned from his trip he played for me the melodies and music that came to him through different moments of inspiration throughout his journey. As I listened I knew this was very special and sacred music.

It was still abundantly obvious that Steven should record this gift that was given to him, not only for his personal reflection, but also giving others the opportunity to enjoy this experience.

– A father of two

– Loving husband to his beautiful wife Loretta

– A veteran

– Retired, but still making amazing music

– A Spiritual Seeker

– And most importantly: a standup guy and a great friend!

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Nearly two billion years of Earth’s geological and history have been exposed as the Colorado River and its tributaries cut their channels through layer after layer of rock. While some aspects about the history of incision of the canyon are debated by geologists, several recent studies support the hypothesis that the Colorado River established its course through the area about 5 to 6 million years ago. Since that time, the Colorado River has driven the down-cutting of the tributaries and retreat of the cliffs, simultaneously deepening and widening the canyon.

For thousands of years, the area has been continuously inhabited by Native Americans, who built settlements within the canyon and its many caves. The Pueblo Indians considered the Grand Canyon a holy site, and made pilgrimages to it.

The Havasupai Indians still live in the Grand Canyon. The Supai Village is only accessible via helicopter or horse and mule trails that climb in and out of the canyon.

The data/memory of the canyon goes back before mankind and even before dinosaurs. This gives a very unique opportunity to clean well beyond our own existence and reach further… towards the beginning of our first creation of a conscious and physical realm. This is often referred to as ancestral cleaning. At times that type of cleaning is confused with relatives and family members, but in this case we are focusing more on the Source and the I.

This music is not intended for meditation. Unlike other healing music that is designed to relax you, or help you fall asleep the Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration is designed to stir up your energy, heighten your awareness and change your current vibration into alignment with the Divine.

The 10 songs contain playful upbeat finger style guitar, piano, drums and percussion, synthesizer sounds and sometimes even a whaling electric guitar that you would swear was Carlos Santana.

All of these instruments were recorded, arranged and performed by Steven Vee himself.

Imagine listening to this music and joining Steven on a sonic journey deep into the Grand Canyon.

As you listen you will be unblocking data from your subconscious and returning to the Zero State of Mind, opening you up to receive inspiration from the Divine.

    • Abundant thinking
    • Increase in energy
    • Inspiration
    • Healing of pain
    • Vibrational alignment
    • Clarity to Zero
    • Healing relationships
    • Ancestral cleaning
    • More self-esteem
    • A connection with the Divine

Here is the meaning behind these 10 majestic songs…

Song 1The Adventure Begins – My adventure begins here, little did I know what truly lay ahead. I had been training for the last six months, but I had no idea what I was really training for. Call it a spiritual shift or awakening but the energy, the emotions and spiritual contact with the Divine began as I descended into the canyon.

song 2

Dew Drops at Sunrise – My hike began early. In the grass and bushes on the side of the trail I could see dewdrops reflecting in the morning sun. This simple Cleaning made my awareness more intense. I felt the vibrational shift in myself becoming aligned with Divinity.

song 3

Beginning to Soar – As I approached the base of the canyon, I had a heightened sense of awareness that I can only describe as feeling connected to everything. I looked back up to the top of the rim and saw two hawks playfully soaring overhead. In that moment I did not feel as if I was watching them, but as if we were connected as one.

song 4

Evening Shadows Caress – As the sun peacefully sank beyond the horizon, I sat in my camp watching the colors change across the beautiful stones. Shadows began to spread across the canyon wall. I could almost hear the peaceful sigh from Mother Earth, as another day came to an end.

song 5

Night Falls and Stars Shine – As I lay in my sleeping bag next to my campfire, the darkness of night gives way to a beautiful galaxy of stars above. Each star with its own unique shimmer, but as a whole playing their part to complete our universe.

song 6

Waterfall of Peace – From the moment that I rounded the corner of the trail, my heart was filled with peace and love as I witnessed one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. As I unloaded my pack and stepped into the cool blue water I felt as if I was swimming in the waters of the divine.

song 7

The Path to Zero – I was becoming more aware of the clearing that was occurring in my subconscious mind. I felt as if this journey was cleaning my data/memory and allowing me to return to the state of zero.

song 8

Peace of I – I had now reached a heightened state of peace and bliss. A connection with nature and the Divine source. It was unlike any feeling I had ever experienced before. As I continually trekked down the path I was aware of nothing more than the moment, absorbing everything around me and feeling it simply as an experience to enjoy.

song 9Divine Inspiration – I had brought a small guitar with me on my hike, Throughout the day, when I would take a break, in the evening and the morning before I begin again, I kept receiving the same inspired melodies. Through that inspiration when I returned home, I decided that I would record these melodies in the studio to share with others. What you will hear in these 10 tracks is a direct Divine inspiration from my time hiking the canyon.

song 10

Canyon Vibration – This song is my grand finale, a celebration if you will. It encompasses everything from the other 9 tracks and emotionally conveys the spectrum of my whole experience on this musical, spiritual… Adventure.

  • Steven and I both agreed, that like all music produced by Zero Limits Music we had to add the four ho’oponopono phrases:

    Please forgive me – I’m sorry – thank you – I love you…

    This gave me the opportunity and honor to be a part of this very special project. Each song has me, the Guitar Monk, subliminally (below conscious awareness) repeating these four simple, but sacred phrases.

    This means that as you listen you are continually cleaning data/memory that resides in your subconscious. This will also affect everything and everyone around you. It is easily the easiest way to continue cleaning.

    The easy answer is you just listen!

    Just listening to this divinely inspired music cleans not only you, but everyone and everything in its presence.

    Unlike some meditative music where you need to lie down and be silent, The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration can be listened to at any time and any place.

    It’s completely safe to listen while you drive, do yoga, work out, cook, or browse your Facebook 🙂

    When something is this unique it is always difficult to put a price on it.

    But, Steven and I both agree that the most important thing is that everyone should have the ability to experience this vibrational shift, created by this never before heard/felt music.

     That’s why we both agreed that we would only charge: $14.95

     At that price we feel everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it.

    PS – remember, The Ho’oponopono Canyon Vibration is much more than wonderful sounding music that adds a beautiful ambience, it is also designed to clean the counter intentions that are blocking you from a higher vibrational level.

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From the E-desk of Guitar Monk Mathew Dixon I cannot begin to explain how excited I am to introduce you to the newest artist of Zero Limits Music. He is one of my oldest friends, We have shared the stage and have recorded together for over a decade. He lives in the house directly behind