Healthy Tongue Secrets Revealed.

Tongue problems can be very discouraging because of the way they come and go. Just when you think they might be clearing up, Bam! they’re back again.

How I Discovered the Secret of a Healthy Tongue

I am a lot like you, I once suffered from Geographic Tongue and even worse.  I hope you won’t think I’m bragging, because I’m not. I just want to explain how my unique background enabled me to discover the Secrets that can give you a Healthy tongue.

You see, many years ago, while attending a prestigious private engineering college in upstate New York, I was trained in the methods of top-notch research. Just before graduation, I was even recruited by the CIA, although I didn’t know it before I went to the interview (did you know they actually hold “covert” interviews not disclosing who they are until you get there?) and eventually I turned them down. My colleagues went on to become top researchers for companies like IBM, Kodak, Colgate and, yes, even the CIA.

But shortly after graduation, my situation took a strange turn. I developed Crohn’s disease and started wasting away. I couldn’t eat without excruciating pain. Whenever I ate anything solid the pain would be so bad that I literally rolled on the floor in agony.

It was a terrible experience. I was sure I was going to die as I slowly went from a healthy athletic 135 lbs down to a scrawny, emaciated 98 lbs with strange patches all over my tongue.

I was desperate to find a solution and frankly at the time, my tongue was the least of my worries. But with my life literally hanging in the balance, I focused my remaining strength and turned my research expertise on finding a solution.

I made a Wonderful Discovery While Struggling to find a Solution…

But a strange thing happened while I was researching what makes you healthy and the factors involved in disease. I made a rare and unique discovery so enormous, that I am excited to share it with you!

I found that certain nutrients made a difference in the condition of my tongue. And over the last twenty-five years I have refined my findings and in addition to my Crohn’s disease being a thing of the past (which the Doctors say is impossible) I have only had rare bouts with Geographic Tongue (mostly because I forget I have it!)

I have raised two wonderful kids and spent many happy and healthy years since then. I was able to return my abilities toward work and today I make my living researching and finding solutions to complex computer problems both in the U.S. and Internationally. Over the years, I have continued to hone and refine my research skills in order to find a variety of solutions in all types of circumstances.

I had to Help a Friend in Need

Then a few years ago, Allison, a friend of mine at work, began losing weight. At first it looked good on her (I thought she’d gone on a diet or something) but before long I knew there was a problem. One day while we were discussing her problems she showed me her tongue and all those painful memories of wasting away and anxiously searching for a solution to my problem came flooding back.

I knew I had to do something to help her.

It turned out that Allison had fibromyalgia which caused severe pain whenever she ate (which reminded me of my battle with Crohn’s). Naturally, she did not enjoy being in pain, so she would stop eating before she had gotten enough calories to maintain her normal weight. And somehow this resulted in geographic tongue.

Since the doctors weren’t much help, I knew I had to do something!

So I began compiling some of my old research into a report that I could give to Allison. In addition, I turned my finely honed research abilities toward finding even more information for my friend.

Allison was absolutely thrilled with the secrets I put together for her…here is what she had to say when I emailed her the information in my report.

WOW!!!!!! This looks great and exactly what I’m dealing with… and there is actually a name to it!

I really like my doctor, but it makes me wonder why he doesn’t know this!…

Sometimes I feel you are the only one who really knows what I was going through because you experienced it!–



I became Obsessed with Finding all the Pieces of the Puzzle

Even after I gave the information to Allison, I just couldn’t rest. As I found more and more pieces of the geographic tongue puzzle, the project expanded and seemed to take on a life of its own.

My report eventually became a book that covers many different tongue problems, because as I looked at them, I began to see how they all fit together like the pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle.

As I explored the many various tongue problems I found many common denominators and that is why I tell people,

“You really need to read the whole book to understand the secret, and get the big picture on how it relates to health in general.”

Did you know Your Tongue is like a “Health Meter” for your Body?

One of the mysteries I uncovered while doing my research was that your tongue is actually kind of like a health meter for the body. It seems obvious to me that a healthy body would have a healthy tongue and a weakened body has a sick tongue.

For thousands of years doctors have been asking patients to stick out their tongue and using the signs and conditions they observe to help determine the overall state of the body, but… modern medicine has forgotten most of the reasons doctors over the ages have asked you to stick out your tongue. Now when a Doctor says, “Open wide”, he is usually not even looking at your tongue at all, but looking down your throat for signs of “strep’ instead!

If “Your Eyes are the Window to your Soul”…

Your Tongue is “the Window to your Digestive System”

Here’s a fact for you, that you may not have thought about: your tongue is actually the first organ of your digestive system. Your tongue moves the food around so your teeth can chop it up into more easily digested chunks and mixes it with saliva. Plus your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body. Being the first organ of the digestive system and being visible from the outside without fancy scopes and machinery, it is in the unique position of giving us a look at the state of your digestive system.

As I said, the tongue is sort of like the health meter or “gas gauge” for your body. When your body needs something it starts a chain reaction that results in the tongue showing the symptoms. The symptoms could be a white coating, or cracks, or even bald patches with white rings (as in Geographic Tongue). Think of your tongue like a “Gas Gauge” indicating when your body is low on something.

I can’t be out of Gas, the Gauge must be broken

Can you imagine… a crazy lunatic looking down at his gas gauge and it is reading almost empty. At this point he gets extremely upset and starts yelling and screaming and says, “There must be something wrong… I just put Gas in the car 600 miles ago! That gauge is always saying empty!” Or perhaps he says, “I must need a new gas gauge, I shouldn’t need to put gas in it again this week!” or maybe “It isn’t fair”.

No, that’s ridiculous, you understand that a logical person, would realize that the gauge isn’t the problem, you just need to go to the station and get more gas.

Right? You know that the gauge is there for your protection, so you won’t run out of gas and your first response is that the gauge is right and you just need more gas. Only after a lot of evidence to the contrary would you consider doubting the gas gauge.

The same is true for your tongue, once you know the secret of reading it, you can know what you need to do to return your whole body to health.  I’m sure you can see that just like it is no use blaming the gas gauge for an empty tank…

You shouldn’t blame your tongue for alerting you to a problem with your body!

As a matter of fact, You’re going to become as excited as I am when you discover how paying attention to your tongue can actually point you in the direction of optimal overall physical health.

Searching for Love in all the Wrong Places

Do you remember the old Waylon Jennings song “Searching for Love in all the Wrong Places“? Well, that is exactly what the medical establishment is doing in regard to Geographic Tongue. And it makes me downright angry when I hear Doctors say “Oh, Don’t Worry about it” or “It’s Benign” or the three most hated words when it comes to Geographic Tongue “No Treatment Necessary”.

There is a simple easy solution for Geographic Tongue!

As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest things in the world for you to resolve! When you read the book you will see how the right combination of nutrients can protect your tongue and make it clear and healthy again, in a couple of short weeks!

The problem is that Doctors spend very little time studying nutrition and a lot of time studying disease. And Geographic Tongue is not a Disease! It reminds me of an old joke (even though Geographic Tongue is not funny).

One night a guy named George is walking home after dark. The street is entirely unlit  except off in the distance he sees a man crawling around under a lone lamppost. As he gets there he realizes the man is searching for something. George says, “what are you looking for?” the 2nd man says “an engagement ring I dropped”. This is terrible what was going to be a happy occasion is now a disaster, so George stops to help, and after a few minutes George asks “where exactly did you drop it?” The 2nd man replies, “oh, up the street a ways.” George is amazed and stands up and shouts, “Then why are you looking here?” To which the 2nd man replies, “Because the light is better!”…

That is the way it is, if you look for a solution for Geographic Tongue in the Disease category, you are simply looking in the wrong place! Once you know the right place to look… the solution is obvious!

Imagine yourself getting out of bed two weeks from now…

The morning starts much like any other… The alarm clock rings…You get out of Bed… you walk to the bathroom mirror and stick out your tongue… but there the similarity ends… This day is different… you stare in amazement and relief because there for the first time in a long time you see your dream come true…  a healthy new pink tongue…

No more bald patches… no more white lines…  just a beautiful pink healthy tongue.

You almost can’t believe your eyes… it is almost too wonderful… for a moment you might think that you had a “tongue transplant” in your sleep, or your eyes are playing tricks on you. But it’s true, your tongue can be so healthy you won’t even recognize it!

Tongue problems can be very discouraging because of the way they come and go. Just when you think they might be clearing up, Bam! they’re back again. How I Discovered the Secret of a Healthy Tongue I am a lot like you, I once suffered from Geographic Tongue and even worse.  I hope you won’t